Funimation Announces Dimension W Fullmetal Alchemist Blu-Ray and more at Anime Expo

by AJ Adejare

For simulcast release, they officially announced Chaos Dragon, the series that popped up on their website early before it was officially announcement.  They also acquired the series Venus Project -Climax-, a hybrid between animation and live action multimedia idol project somewhat to Love Live!

Fullmetal Alchemist, the original animated series, will come out on Blu-Ray with a collector’s box including art prints, and 300 page artbook.

Free! Eternal Summer will also get a collector’s edition with full color art book as well as a sport towel.

Funimation also announced a brand new anime property, Dimension W.  Based off the manga with the name name Dimension W will be a first for Funimation where they will be on the anime production committee and working to produce the work.  Details for the series is scant but they did show a promo video for the series.   What we do know is that Gia Manry (a good aquaitance) will be helping on the title

The plot synopsis from this Crunchyroll thread describes it as the following:

In the future, Nikola Tesla’s dream of a ‘World System’ of electricity is realized. Cords and batteries are a thing of the past, and now people can directly draw energy using devices known as ‘coils.’ Some people, however, modify these coils for destructive purposes. Mabuchi Kyoma, a man who lives in ruins and has a passion for ‘vintage’ gas-powered cars, has good reason to know what damage these coils can do. He takes on assignments from a large woman known as Marie, recovering illegal coils in exchange for cash and gasoline.

One day, he goes out on one of his usual missions, to retrieve illegal coils from two criminal brothers, Jony and Every Won. When he gets to their gang’s hideout, however, there is another stranger there: a mysterious, cloaked captive that appears to be a young lady. Who is she and will this meeting change Kyoma’s life?

Lance Heiskell, formerly of Funimation made this particular post:

which, coming from him, would make absolute sense.

Update: Here’s the official promo trailer:

With an extra set of gifs as well

Via Fandom Post


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