Right Stuff Talks Gundam Utena and more at Anime Expo

by AJ Adejare

RightStuf via Nozomi Entertainment announced a lot of titles to look forward to within the 2015/2016 area.   Nozomi acquired the second season to Big Windup (Okiku Furikabutte) or just Ofuri.  The title struggled under Funimation leading them to not only shy away from the series but from sports anime in general.  The second season will get a Japanese audio with English subtitle release on DVD n 2016.  A Town Where You Live and Pita-Ten will also have the same release format geared for 2016. Umi Monogatari and Tamayura Hitotose will come out this year on DVD with English subtitles and Japanese audio.

Nozomi will now also start Blu-Ray releases with Revolutionary Girl Utena coming out to Blu-Ray in 2016.  In the present however, Mobile Suit Gundam, will get a Blu-Ray release in 2015 with the first 21 episodes out by the end of the year.

Trailers for the series Tamayura Hitotose can be seen below and you can see the entire trailers via this Youtube playlist :

Via Fandom Post


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