Positions Available

Please keep in mind that these positions are not paid.  No one on staff at this time is getting any income (though we hope to change this in the future).


What we’re looking for is a writer interested in animation( 2D, 3D, cartoon anime) and graphic novels (comics, manga, etc).  You must submit at least an article a day on a daily basis.  With that said there’s no word min/max, doesn’t matter what form, but does matter in the voice you’re trying to convey.  We want to hear your voice and hear your thoughts in your posts.  With that said a major thing: you MUST have empathy.   While liking anime or cartoons is great, you need to be diverse.  Tell us your interests and how they tie into animation in the contact form.

We love people from diverse backgrounds, (race, gender, religion, sexuality, age, etc.) and would love for you to apply

You can see samples of what we’re looking for:

Short content: here and here

News: here and here.

Opinions: here


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