American Ninja Warrior Season 7 Vegas Finals Pt. 2

by AJ Adejare

ANW Stage 1 Vegas

Time to roll the dice at least for the rest of the competitors. It is the second part of Stage 1 at the  the Las Vegas finals. So far a decent amount of people have completed Stage 1 but don’t be fooled it’s still very top. Who will Make it through to Stage 2 and  who will get snake eyes?

23 Finishers

2 Time Outs

0 Injuries

First Finisher: Grant Mccartney

Fastest Finisher: Brent Steffensen

38 Move on to Stage 2

Three Things We Learned:

Bounce: A lot of people went out on obstacles that needed a good bounce from the trampoline.  Thus, getting bounced out of the competition.  It’s rough dealing with the trampoline.

Come to Grips: If there’s one thing that seemed to mess up a lot of people it was grip.  Whether it was gripping the rope or getting a grip on the Jumping Spider, a lot of people seemed to not have enough of it this time.

Speed Kills: A lot of competitors were doing some great pacing and absolutely killed the course.  Other people rushed through the course and got killed by the course.

Other Notes:

Anthony Scott both proved that you don’t need to complete the finals to complete Stage 1.  Great!

Kacy Catanzaro had a brutal trip up and thus got knocked out on the Propellar Bars.

Elet Hall had a minor slip and that’s all it took.

Megan Martin did some great work.  It sucks that she timed out but she’s proven that she can get there if pushing.

Drew Dreschel’s run was not shown.  C’mon NBC!  C’mon!

Jake Murray did great work to be the fastest person on Stage 1, until Brent Steffensen unleashed the beast and came knocking it down.

Speaking of Brent Steffensen, this year must have felt good as he was able to redeem himself.

Pavel Fesyuk run was too close, but he made it.


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