Toonami Details The Intruder, Parasyte’s Launch Date and More

by AJ Adejare

At Dragon Con, Toonami wanted to tell fans to clear out their schedules starting November.

The animated cartoon block by Adult Swim  recently had its Dragon Con  panel where they decided to drop off whole bunch of news.  The gist of it is that November will be dedicated to a lot of Toonami content.  First up, the app will come out on November 2nd this year, with the comic coming out that Saturday on November 7th. Then starting that Saturday (November 7th), the Intruder event will start. The Intruder will be a 7 episode arc that will run through December showing up at the commercial time slot between Dragon Ball Z.

Finally,Parasyte got a date for its airing. The anime series Parasyte -the maxim- will start on October 3 at 1AM,  but for those at the panel they got to see the first episode dub premier.  

You can check out the panel info at Toonami’s Tumblr.
Via Toonami’s Tumblr


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