American Ninja Warrior Season 7 Vegas Finals Pt. 1

by AJ Adejare

VIVA LAS VEGAS!  We’re now at the city finals.  It’s clear Stage 1 or go home.  With that much pressure, who will rise and who will fall from it?  This part will cover the first 50 runners.

Stage 1 Clear: 15 Finishers

Time Run Out: 2

First Finisher: Tremayne Dortch

Fastest Finisher: Kevin Bull

0 Injuries

Three things we learned:

Justification: This season has been justifying why people should attempt the course again even though they failed again and again. Tremayne Dortch, David Flip Rodriguez, etc. all of them had obstacles that could have made them say, “It’s over.”  They pushed on and now are on to Stage 2.

Rotation: Anything that can rotate, got a lot of the competitors.  Whether it’s the coin flip or the Rotating Propellers, they still make Stage 1 hard to complete for many rookies and veterans.

Time Management: Time played a key part in this run.  People did time out, people didn’t plan well, and people suffered.  If there’s a course in time management, some of the competitors need to take it.  Kevin Bull, Daniel Gil, and Flip, do not need it.

Other things:

So happy for Tremayne Dortch.  After having to deal with 4 1st Stage Loses, he finally made it to STAGE 2!

Wow [insert competitor] literally had one slip up that if he would have dealt with it, he’d/she’d be in.  😦

David Campbell may have peaked.  Again the second to last obstacle.  It’s heartbreaking and worst, it seems like the norm.

Paul Kasmir failed on Stage 1, which is crazy.  He made one slip up and it cost him.

We got a marriage proposal from Benjamin Melick which is awesome.

Travis Rosen is now the oldest competitor to make it past Stage 1.

Jessie Graff just couldn’t get up the Warped Wall and it’s heartbreaking but so optimistic.

Kevin Bull’s run was flawless.  It’s as if he glided through the course like a leaf to the wind.

Dustin McKinney is the shortest competitor to complete Stage 1.


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