Vixen Episode 1 Thoughts

by AJ Adejare

First, there was Arrow, then there was Flash.  Now, CW is working to build up its DC Universe catalog by bringing in a female hero in Vixen.  This work is a part of their CW Seed web series program, and CW opted for animation over live action for this format.  But does it make sense, and more importantly, will it stand out from the others, I decided to have a look at it:

  • Man is the dialogue snappy.  Getting to the point, kinetic, it feels that the dialogue always have purpose. Moving from one aspect to the next it doesn’t linger on irrelevant content at all.
  • The action is on point.  Like the dialog, the combat scenes between Green Arrow, Flash and Vixen kept the action moving making each effort feel useful and utilized.  Rarely did it ever slow down except for the very end of the scene, but did it ever keep the viewer on their toes.
  • The art style is very Young Justice style with the characters having a sense of realism to their abilities while still having a root in comics.  The animation equally matches the superb style keeping everything fluid and very little mistakes, if any, are visible.
  • While the story seems “short” its built like it.  Rather than jargon bombing for the sake of it, it rarely needed words as the action delivered a part of the story.  When dialog did enter, it felt as it gave a lot of good information necessary to get the story across including the cliffhanger.
  • If you’re an Arrow or a Flash fan, you may wonder if it will kill your appetite.  In a way, it will as you can get your action fix with a good sprinkle of narrative in five minute intervals.  However, it would be an insult to the series itself as it seems like it wants to do things its own way.  For that, I can’t help but think it will if it can maintain this quality.

With that said, here are a few gifs:

Vixen is on CW Seeds


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