Yes, this is an awesome Cardcaptors Steven Universe Crossover

by AJ Adejare

I remember loving Card Captors when it ran on Kids WB.  Seeing the Adventures of Sakura Avalon (Kinomoto in the Japanese audio) kicking but with Kero and Li was pretty awesome.  Mixing that with Steven Universe shouldn’t be a major surprise as its been the newest it show for the internet as well as people who like a mix of comedy and action.  What’s interesting is who’s playing Sakura and Kero.

Yep, that’s Steven in Sakura’s battle attire with Amethyst as Kero.  Done by Grace Kraft who’s working on the New Power Puff Series, she kept on watching Cardcaptors and thus got inspired to do this drawing.  However, there’s more:

Playing Li Showron (Li Syaoran in the Japanese audio) is Connie with, Pearl takes on Yue and Clow belongs to none other than Steven’s mom, Pearl Quarts.

Awesome crossover.


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