Sunday Reading: Banjo Music

by AJ Adejare

This week has been fairly interesting. We’ve seen the wrap up of American Ninja Warrior’s Qualifiers as well at the decent to the end of the summer season.  We’re also seeing lifehacks that may have come from the bad case future and Kickstarters funded. Bad news may have spoiled a mostly good weekend, but the Pokemon World Championships can go on without a domestic terrorist plot.

Comic Alliance’s Sara Kern wrote an interesting piece about how Marvel could solve their diversity problem by making their diverse characters more human and less on tropes.

Anime News Network’s Rebecca Silverman wrote an awesome article going into detail about Rampo Kitan’s adaptation into anime.

GoBoiano’s Aaron Magulick wrote about 30 English Songs used for anime theme songs.

Finally, Polygon’s Danielle Riendeau wrote about how Banjo and Kazooie is the better platformer from the N64 than Super Mario 64.

If you have any links comments or things to share, post them at the bottom!


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