Richie Branson’s Full Length Album Project Is Funded

by AJ Adejare

Richie Branson now has an album in the works.  Richie Branson’s solo album, From The Underground To The Stars, completed its funding on Kickstarter yesterday.  Tracking at $8,061 as of this posting, the project resonated well with his audience as the project spans not only an album but a book as well as a music video project.  The album took only eight days for it to meet its initial funding of $7000 and has even become a Staff Choice for Kickstarter.  Moreover, it had already begun to uptick further without even a clear stretch goal as of right now with Richie Branson on Twitter made a Dragon Ball Z quip about the funding:

Branson took to Kickstarter to then issue the following statement:

Wow…I don’t know what to say. I spent 2 years planning this project and backing away from it out of fear of failure. To see this thing reach 100% funding in little over a week is surreal. I’ve always believed that I’m nothing special…and that the greatness of my supporters is the real reason behind the the things I’ve accomplished as an artist. That fact has once again been proven by the greatness you all have shown during this campaign. I’m incredibly humbled to have your support and I will do my best to give you the same amount of excellence you’ve given me. I’m going to wipe a few tears from my eyes now and start working on what I hope will be some awesome stretch funding goals for the rest of this campaign. 3 weeks left!

Onward and upward,


Branson says that he will work to create a new stretch goal for the project soon, let’s hope so as this project looks to be great.


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