American Ninja Warrior Military City Finals Overview

by AJ Adejare

The few, the proud, the competitors, or was it the Marines?  Either way, the qualifying course proved to be very tough for the military competitors. This course looks to do the same damage to the military competitors.  Will they persevere through the course or will they be beaten out by the course’s boot camp?

1 Finisher

0 Disqualifications

1st Finisher: Dustin McKinney

Fastest Finisher: Dustin McKinney

Three things we learned:

  1. Metal Works:  If one thing harmed a lot of the competitors this time, it was metal.  Wheter it was the I-Beam again, Salmon Ladders or Swinging Frames, the metal obstacles took out most of the field with fewer then 10 making it passed the Swinging Frames.
  2. Visible difficulty: Again the only thing stopping the remaining people from completing the course was the Invisible ladder.  McKinney is the only one to make it through and even then it looked like he was a man possessed to complete the course.
  3. Emotion Engine: NBC laid on the emotional aspect for the military competitors thick.  Almost every other competitor had a reason to compete that was more on the emotional “Oh they have heart” level.  To some it’s sickening, but to me and a lot of others, it works well.

Other Notes:

Ryan Stratus showed that he’s maintaining form.  He’s been working hard and now he’ll be going to Vegas.

Ahmed Toure did major work to qualify.  Gliding on a more methodical level although he didn’t complete, he showed the confidence to keep on moving.

Jeremy Prather took one of the most unorthodox moves on the Globe Grasper opting to move one side rather than moving from side to side.  Interesting.

Matthew Jensen is going to be interesting to see when he competes in Vegas as he did well enough to get to the invisible ladder.

Finally, this gif pretty much encompassed a whole lot of Ninja Warrior on the Military City Finals:

Well, that’s it with qualifying.  See you at LAS VEGAS NEVADA IN TWO WEEKS!


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