Pikachu Runs Everything Around Me

by AJ Adejare

Lately, it seems like Pikachu have been running around rampant.  People wrote about the evolution of Pikachu as a character design.  There are talks of the Pikachu dance and how many people are jumping into it. At London, a recent event called Summer in the City will feature cameo from Pokemon’s notable yellow electric rodent as Nintendo Life reported.

With the dance, I’m reminded of the son Pikachu done by Oliver Heldens, Mr. Belt & Wezol:

At Yokohama, Kotaku talked about The March of the Pikachu being a thing, just look at this video:

And if Pikachu’s not your thing, Ditto Pikachu maybe up your speed as per Anime News Network:

And just recently for the promotion of Straight Outta Compton for Japan, well this:

As you can see, Pikachu rules everything around me.  Pikachu, Pika, Pika~


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