Fairly Odd Parent’s Butch Hartman Launches Noog Network

by AJ Adejare

If you’ve watch the Fairly Odd Parents or Dany Phantom, you’ve seen Butch Hartman work. Hartman’s work has ran Nickelodeon for years and now he’s stretching his wings to a new side project: Noog Network.  The network consists of animated and live action works created by Hartman and will run on his app which will be on iOS devices on the App Store.  Talking about the app to Cartoon Brew Hartman stated:

Oh yes, all of the programs currently available on the channel are mine. Why? Not because of arrogance, believe me. I’d love to have outside ideas submitted to me, but I’d have to pay for them. This way, for now, my production overhead is a lot lower — because I don’t cost me anything! I do have plans to premiere two new shows very soon, both of which were conceived by outside creators, but that’s about it for now.

He’s also aware of the fact that kids will have choices for what they want to watch when pertaining to internet TV but he wants to make it a safe place for family friendly content for kids.

To find out more you can read the interview and then visit the website.

Via Cartoon Brew


One thought on “Fairly Odd Parent’s Butch Hartman Launches Noog Network

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