Leaked Character Descriptions of Power Rangers Trades Camp for Edge

by AJ Adejare

Morphenominal, new info on the Lionsgate Power Rangers reboot just surfaced.  Collider got an exclusive look into the character descriptions of the original Rangers.  Each one seems to have things that make them unique with a flaw and an asset, but besides that it’s pretty scant.

Look, I’m going to be honest. A lot of this character descriptions sound a lot more of teen romance edge than I was expecting. I think that while the characters were thin in development in Power Rangers, they Felt more earnest and development. I feel that the only person that feels arguably close to authentic is Zach, and even then I’m skeptical. I think that it is going to take a lot more then just these character descriptions to get me on board. While I was initially hyped I’m a little bit less enthusiastic about this adaptation.  Hopefully, the plot will remedy this issue and show a better trend of thought.

Via Collider


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