I Watched Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ on a Saturday Night

by AJ Adejare

I wanted to hang out with my good friend this weekend since I was in town.  He said that while we couldn’t hang out at our houses, we could meet him up with his girlfriend at the movies on Saturday, to see Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ came out to theaters this week and in it’s time it’s been doing fairly well. The reviews are very positive.  To match that the financial success of this movie has made one of the top 10 grossing anime list.  Me, liking Dragon Ball Z, immediately jumped at it and said yes. I called the theater to confirm it as I didn’t see it online to purchase.  Sure enough, they said that they were having a 10 PM showing with good amount of tickets still available.  Me, not wanting to miss my chance and see it with friends I decided to go.  However, I want to take a quick pause: an anime movie, albeit based on a popular franchise, is getting a Saturday night showing.

This is a very interesting scenario. For movies niche as Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, you rarely ever hear of a Saturday showing. It does show on Saturday it’s usually in the morning. The reason being that it allows them to make money off of early morning sales that otherwise would not occur.  However, we got treated to a 10 PM showing.  If that surprised me then what happened afterwords kind of floored me.

(Via Saiyanisland)

In the theater, there were a few people when we arrived to get our seats. However as the time got closer to the showing, more more people filled in. At the end of the day it was decently filled. I would say around 40 to 45% of those seats, we’re filled. For a movie competing with major blockbusters ad for her to still have a significant amount of people to show up was a massive shock to me.  While some would argue that the slate was not good with the Fantastic Four reviews, it was still a decent time at the Box office with good shows that people could otherwise go and attend.  So for Resurrection F to get a decent house on a Saturday night might actually instill some confidence to theaters.  Speaking of the crowd, it was great seeing different people of ages, races, etc all come out.  What a lot of people tend not to know is that anime watchers are diverse as it comes (just check out the Vice Article) which should be kept as a reminder for everyone.

Before the movie, Funimation decided to do an actor peek into the movie, complete with a quiz about the movie.  I like the fact that the audience played along.   Getting the audience involved may have felt cheesy, but at the same time worked as a decent time killer for the movie.  It got people anxious in a good way to watch the series; we got to see the actors behind the voices, humanizing the experience.   Yes, it was filler, but at the same time valid filler.

Coming out of the theater, I can say safely that overall the experience of watching the movie on a Saturday is just like the feelings you have with any other weekend box office movie. It was big had memorable moments not the movie, and most importantly you felt hyped about the whole experience.  People may shrug it off, but that’s what Dragonball Z needed: a way to give off the blockbuster vibe for the movie.  For that, and its accomplishments it did damn good job.


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