American Ninja Warrior Season 7 Pittsburg City Finals Overview

by AJ Adejare

It’s time for the remaining competitors to get tough as steel.  As we enter the Pittsburg City finals the competitors are going to have as much strength as steel to get through the course.  Will the competitors be able to muscle their way through, or will they melt under the pressure?

2 Completions

0 Disqualifications

1st Finisher Geoff Britten

Fastest Finisher Geoff Britten

Three things we learned:

1. Swinging Steel:  Floating Monkey Bars proved an interesting obstacle that actually felt original (although I can’t vet for it).  While a lot of people failed on it, it’s conquerable and relies a lot on upper body strength especially in the arms.

2. Snake Bites:  Snake Crossing took out a lot of competitors again throughout the night.  A balancing obstacle, this time, just like the last time, showed that you cannot take any obstacle for granted.

3. Justified: This final did a lot of justification for people.  It showed that Joe Moravsky is definitive veteran and so are Mike Bernardo, Jamie Rahn and even Michelle Warnky.  The hype around Geoff Britten is also justified as he beasted through the course.

Other Notes:

Luciano Acuna Jr. who went to Vegas failed at the Quintuple Steps.  Way too careless, add way too eager. He’ll be back next year.

Mike Bernardo Has The Best Reaction Face Ever and he’s going to Vegas.

Jamie Rahn (aka Captain NBC) made it to Vegas but didn’t complete the course, with that said it’s deserved.

Michelle Warnky got done in by Snake Crossing like other competitors.  It’s rough and disappointing, she’ll be back next year.

Elet Hall failed at the Door Knob Arch because of fatigue.  If he could have dismounted he may have been able to push further.

Attention!  Wee are now going to the final city finals, the Military City finals.


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