Thoughts on Akame Ga Kill Episode 1 Toonami Dub

by AJ Adejare

We just had the debut of Sentai Filmworks’ Akame Ga Kill dub.  Brought to Toonami as a dubclusive (my word) for the block, there are some thoughts I had while watching:

  • Corey Hartzog’s voice for Tatsumi works.  It gives him just enough innocence while not making him seem like a kid.  While I know some will have some hesitation, I think there’s enough to work with that it will get most people on board after a few episode.
  • The same feeling with Hartzog’s Tatstumi I have for Molly Searcy’ Akame.  The more monotone approach will work.  With that said, it’s going to be more telling in the second episode.
  • The split voice for Allison Keith’s Leone is going to be a bit of a decisive point.  While the voice matches the character for what they’re going with, some would rather have taken a different approach with primarily clearer voice but pending on the person a deeper voice as well.  I for one don’t mind it.
  • Aria’s voice actor as well as the parents did a good job.  They seemed to make the role and characters interesting, especially the case with Aria’s who’s voice actor played off the climactic shift very well. However it’s a one-off character so it’s not really indicative of the dub itself.
  • Everyone else, while okay, wasn’t enough to give a good validation for the characters.  If there are other changes I’ll update accordingly.
  • I say give it until Episode 2 before we really do more judgement but in the meantime, watch the first episode and check out the trailer below:

You can watch Akame ga Kill dubbed on Toonami and the series is licensed  by Sentai Filmworks.


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