Sunday Reading: The Fantastic Dragon Ball

by AJ Adejare

It’s been a fairly routine week of announcements, well unless you were a Dragon Ball Z fan or a Fantastic Four fan.  For you, this week featured Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F and glowing reviews with only one mostly positive review.  If you’re a Fantastic Four fan, you got the opposite with absolutely dismal reviews.   With that said, here’s some Sunday Reading

Grantland’s Alex Pappademas wrote a great piece on what said bad Fantastic Four movie means for the series as a movie and franchise.

On George J. Horvath’s Land of Obscusion he talks about the darker aspects of streaming and why physical media is still valid in this age of streaming.

Nick Creamer at Anime News Network did a great piece on how Monogatari is a mess.

J.A. Micheline of Comic Alliance wrote a powerful piece on the decision to boycott Marvel 

Finally, Juliet Kahn’s piece No girl wins: three ways women unlearn their love of video games is a heartbreaking as it is insightful about women’s place in gaming.

What other readings should people read today?  Comment below!


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