Daisuki Loses Exclusivity of God Eater to Crunchyroll

by AJ Adejare

God Eater has another streaming home in Crunchyroll.  Crunchyoll news announced that the streaming service will get the anime for streaming in  “North America, Central and South America, UK, Ireland.” as per the article.  God Eater, an Aniplex of America show, had the exclusive place to stream it in Daisuki.  For many people, the only reason to go to Daisuki was to watch God Eater.  However, that changes as the show will now go to the stronger brand in Crunchyroll.  Between the two, expect Daisuki to lose eyes on the screen as there will be little reason for people to view it on stream.  The only exception: if all videos for God Eater are subscription only.  In that case, Daisuki could be the free alternative that many people who are cheap would jump to and deal with the ads.

Via Crunchyroll


2 thoughts on “Daisuki Loses Exclusivity of God Eater to Crunchyroll

  1. If someone wants to make a case that our four-legged actor friends deserve to be considered for Oscar consideration, right alongside Streep and McConaughey, they need only offer White God as evidence.


  2. What it all means is open to interpretation. Read it as a parable or as a horror movie. Read it as the story of love between a girl and her dog. Read it however you want. No matter what your take, you won’t be disappointed.


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