Crunchyroll Gets Dubbed Ladies Versus Butlers and Charger Girl Juden-chan

by AJ Adejare

Media Blasters is at it again, again.  After teaming up to release Holy Knight, the streaming service announced they will get two additional Media Blasters dub.  This time the sereis will be Ladies Versus Butlers, and Charger Girl Juden-chan.  Dubbed in house by MB Voice Works, the sereis will release on Crunchyroll soon and to celebrate the announcement, Media Blasters released an exclusive clip for the series (which you can watch below).

(Via Crunchyroll)

Media Blasters has been a staple in the US Anime Industry but often times seems to come in and out of existence because of their production cycle.  Let’s hope that these two entries fair better in all aspects than Holy Knight and that Media Blasters can return to a better cycle with said success stories.

The trailer for Ladies Versus Butlers is also here:

Via Crunchyroll


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