Rick and Morty Episodes 1-2 Thoughts

by AJ Adejare

RIck and Morty is back for a second season.  The grandfather/grandson duo are up to no good looking around for more adventures.  Watching the first episode there are some thoughts I have:

  • The humor is on point. A lot of the scenes have very his visual guidance but the dialogue is still snappy as ever. In fact I would arguably say that compare to first season feels a lot more refined. Morty tends to get in more quips compared to Rick, but at the same time Rick comes back with even better quips. Thus making the dialogue between everybody feel as if it did not miss a beat.
  • One thing about this season that strikes me as a bit curious the same time more curious please Morty’s resistance to ricks plan. We’ve seen this many times within the season but it seems to be more profound. Morty does appreciate breaks motives and ideologies but up to a certain point, add is this resistance as she shows a lot more growth between the two. We’re seen Rick becoming less hands on, and more willing to let morty make mistakes in order to prove lessons. We’ve seen this before season wide by eight fell at times that Rick did a little bit more saving then he would do in this particular season
  • I’m glad that Beth and Jerry’s relationship is still the same as last season. You would think that after the events of first season, the relationship would be a little rocky.  At the same time I’m glad that it is isn’t. It means that we’ll see them grow and will have a better sense of where the leash is going to go.
  • I’m glad that some of the more surreal aspects of working Morty are not only attached but manage to be amped up a bit. One aspect in particular, was Mortynight’s Run’s Roy.  To me that’s the charm of Rick and Morty right there. From start to finish, showing how realistic a fully immersive VR experience could be while exactly the same time Rick just shrugged it off as if it doesn’t matter and that there’s more than one way to play for life was beautiful.  It also, if either by accident or on purpose, gave us a glimpse into hyper realistic VR (ala Sony Morpheus/Oculus Rift).
  • Overall, it’s starting out as a strong season and I can’t wait to see more.

You can watch Rick and Morty on Adult Swim on Sundays 11:30 ET or via their Wesbiste


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