American Ninja Warrior Season 7 Orlando City Finals

by AJ Adejare

Welcome back to O-Town and Universal Studios Florida.  This theme parks usually make for some good amusement, but not tonight for some.  The City Finals are on the line for the competitors and some will be taken for an unfortunate ride.

2 Completions

0 Disqualifications

1st Finisher Adam Arnold

Fastest Finisher: James McGrath

Three things we learned:

  1. Cannonball: It was one of the most difficult courses in Venice, and it proves the same thing in Orlando.  Less than 10 competitor could make it through the the obsticle.
  2. Walk-on Magic: Adam Arnold once again captured the Walk – On contestant.  Waiting for over a week, Arnold pushed through the course to complete it.  Walk Ons and rookies have less pressure to perform as compared to veterans and thus they tend to “enjoy” the course.  Arnold enjoyed it and was rewarded.
  3. Beast Mode: James “The Beast” McGrath lived up to his name as he muscled on through the Invisible Ladders to complete the course.  Amazing.

Other notes:

John Alexis Jr failed on the fourth obstacle.  He was looking pretty decent but was wasn’t enough.

Neil Craver nearly made it but his muscles just gave out at the last moment, brutal.

Flip Rodriguez and Drew Drechsel face the same thing as Craver.

Rosen once again is going to Vegas!

I’m glad that Brasio Brother Alexio Gomes made it to Vegas.  He’ll have to step his game up to get through Vegas however.

Hey, Minions made a cameo even though their movie is long past the box office.

Also, sly move NBC and Universal Studios for the synergy of promoting the studio.  As you may/may not know, Universal Studios Orlando and the park itself os own by NBC Universal.


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