Rumor: Chiller TV Cancels Anime Block After 2 Weeks

by AJ Adejare

Twitter user by SoundOfAzure recently discovered that Chiller’s block for anime no longer exists. In the following tweet he looks at the fact that something else is scheduled during its time block. Also he finds out that the ratings for the Chiller block were absolutely abysmal ranging in a literal 0.0 ratings for the time that it aired. It makes sense as we did not find out about the Chiller anime blocker until days when it aired. With little advertising and little awareness, mixed in with a niche animation genre the 0.0 that occurred ratings makes sense.  Like we said earlier, running an anime block has not worked well for those in the past.  We reached out to Chiller to confirm the canceling of the block.

Via Sound of Azure’s Twitter


12 thoughts on “Rumor: Chiller TV Cancels Anime Block After 2 Weeks

  1. Wow, this is sad indeed, although I do question if anime was even right to be put on that channel. I’m not sure how many people do have the chiller network, but even then how much of their audience would have even been anime fans?

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    1. 40 million people have Chiller, we don’t know how many watched, but you’re right on that we don’t know how many of them were anime fans to begin with.


    1. I see where you’re coming from but at the same time, Chiller needs money in the bank and the anime shown didn’t do a dang thing. It’s very disappointing.


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