Watch: Project Itoh’s Trailers. The Empire of Corpses, Genocidal Organ, and Harmony

by AJ Adejare

Announced by Funimation at Otakon, Project Itoh is a set of animated films based upon the works of late Satoshi Itoh, a science fiction novelists.  The trailers have came out each on a weekly bases from NoitaminA’s Youtube and now all of them are out.   The theme songs each will come from EGOIST who did the Guilty Crown theme song as well as the first ending to Psycho-Pass.

The theme song Door was used for The Empire of Corpses’ trailer with Anime News Network having the cast:

Yoshimasa Hosoya as John H. Watson, a medical student at the University of London
Ayumu Murase as Friday, also known as Noble_Savage_007
Taiten Kusunoki as Frederick Barnaby, a captain in Great Britain’s army
Daiki Yamashita as Nikolai Krasotkin, a young man from Russia’s Third Department of His Imperial Majesty’s Own Chancellery
Shinichiro Miki as Alexei Karamazov, a Russian priest
Kana Hanazawa as Hadary Lilith, the president’s secretary from America
Akio Ohtsuka as M, commander of Great Britain’s “Walsingham Organization”

Next is Genocidal Organ with the theme song Reloaded and the following cast from Anime News Network:

Yūichi Nakamura as Clavis Shepherd
Satoshi Mikami as Williams
Yuuki Kaji as Alex
Kaito Ishikawa as Realand
Akio Ohtsuka as Rockwell
Sanae Kobayashi as Lucia
Takahiro Sakurai as John Paul

The latest trailer for Harmony was released as of yesterday with the theme song “Ghost of a Smile”.

The cast is a follows from Anime News Network

Miyuki Sawashiro as Tuan Kirie
Yoshiko Sakakibara as Os Cara Stauffenberg
Shinichiro Miki as Elliya Vashirof
Akio Ohtsuka as Asaf
Aya Suzaki as Cian Reikado
Cho as Keita Saeki
Junpei Morita as Nuaza Kirie
Reina Ueda as Miach Mihie

More information including directors for each work is available on Funimation’s announcement at Otakon.

Via Anime News Network 1 2 3


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