Bunk’d Episode 1 Thoughts

by AJ Adejare

(Via Shine On Media)

After Disney Channel’s Descendants, the channel premiered its newest series, Bunk’d.  A spinoff of Jesse most of the Ross kids go to a camp with the parents hope of them becoming more mature while having fun.  However, this camp may have more in store besides making s’mores. With that said, let’s delve into some of my thoughts about the first episode.

  • The setting itself is interesting, bringing city kids to camp and having to deal with it.  It limits in the amount of environment settings they’ll have to switch up.  The problem is that, for taking out the Ross kids, it seems like they could get a better environment.  Having the kids in private school would have worked out a lot better in my opinion, but the setting is the setting.   But, the way they handled a lose end because of Cameron Boyce’s departure to Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything was nice nod and wink.
  • I think it was a decent move having the Ross family as a part of the core cast.  It means they have to spend less time developing theme while giving ample time to the new kids on the block.  We should get development out of them too in the future but they can at least have developed characters to work with.
  • You see the effects with Emma.  Emma isn’t necessary known for being a take charge and go getter except for rate situations.  We’re going to see a lot of growth from her, but only because she’s already had some during Jesse.
  • It sucks that they’re reliant on tropes.  In fact, it seems like it’s almost too reliant.  Tiffany taking on the smart Asian girl that’s concentrated on grades and such isn’t as cool and is cringe worthy.  I mean I know what they’re going for with Suri and Tiffany playing off each other and I think it can work but it could easily be handled differently without having to get all tropey.  You can also apply that to Jorge taking on the fat “gross” kid trope and running with it,  It’s interesting that he
  • With that said, I’m glad that they do not have the normal dumb kid trope that Disney pretty much trademarked for Disney Channel.
  • One of the most pleasantly shocking characters: Lou.  I won’t lie, on a more aesthetic level, Lou (Miranda May) looks out of sync for Disney Channel series, feeling more of a Nickelodeon cast member.  Her character mannerism feels like a modern day young Lori Beth Denberg from All That.   Yet her acting and the written materials work so well that it’s almost jarring within itself.  She had one of the best quip about cute girls and mud which you should listen too.  Maybe we’re going to get a more relaxed Disney Channel series with Bunk’D and if Lou as a character and May as an actor is a result, we’re going to be mostly good.
  • The plot for this episode was standard for an opener but well executed.  It got the point across and got info to the audience telling them what they’re going to get into.  With that said, it will be interesting to see how far this series goes.

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