Watch: Otakon 2015 Conventtion Fan Videos

by AJ Adejare

Yes, the convention blues always seem to hit at various times but it does happen to all of us.  While we can’t go back to that time, we can relive vicariously through video.  Thus

This video done by The Fan’s POV showed some great Cosplay that I didn’t even know was at Otakon.  Done with Armin Van Burrin’s “This is What it Feels Like”, the video helps capture some of the feelings of Otakon

Cosplay in America also did a video checking out the Artist Alley as well as the Cosplay:

Plustea, a Youtube Vlogger did a 3 Day vlog of the convention with Day 1 posted:

Look at the Go Pro action of someone cosplaying Kirito from Sword Art Online:

We’ve got a Convention Proposal somewhat captured:

Also, one last video: Local coverage.  WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore did a piece on Otakon and it’s worth a watch.


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