Monkey Kings Ousts Kung Fu Panda in China for Box Office Record

by AJ Adejare

(Via Cartoon Brew)

Uh oh, Dreamworks better watch its back in China as there’s a new king in town.  Monkey King: Hero is Back took an estimated $16 million to produce and made a whopping $620 Million yuan (CNY) which caps at nearly $100 million dollars (USD).  The animation, directed by Tian Xiaopeng, tell the story of the Monkey King meeting his future master and working to combat evil with.  When speking to Want China Times, Xiaopeng detailed how the movie spoke to Chinese audiences:

“Chinese people have their own values, which means we don’t need to follow the mindset of the West, especially that of the Hollywood”

While that helped, their crowdfunding method of using Internet Plus, a Chinese government back crowdfunding store to get people interested alongside endorsements such as Jack Ma from Alibaba helped spread the word as well.

Up until this point, Kung Fu Panda has claimed top box office in China by using Chinese animation in order to get the movie sanctioned in the country as a co-production and thus gaining the series profit.  However, it will now take Kung Fu Panda 3 to see if it can bump Monkey King off.

Panda will start its campaign to do so in the US on January 29, 2016.

In the mean time, here’s the trailer for Monkey King: Hero is Back:

Via Cartoon Brew and Want China Times


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