How to Break a Pervy Otaku, in Gifs

by AJ Adejare

(Via Crunchyroll)

Note: This is a comedic post, have fun.

There was one part of episode 4 of Aoharu x Machinegun that should concern the people, the breaking of a pervert otaku.  We documented this criminal event in a series of gifs:

Before we begin, we must note: the subtle fanservice was on point.  With that, Midori first injures Yukimura by forcing him to the floor before backing away.

Next, he grabs a prized possession of an otaku: a limited edition game bundle.  Make no mistake, every inch of that bundle is money and someone even touching it can cause freak out.  Midori knows this feeling and decides to exploit it.

And here’s the criminal offense: breaking the seal, without the owner’s permission.  Midori ripped the heart Yukimura by breaking the seal.

On top of that, he judges Yukimura for his taste.  Which leads up to this final act

Yukimura, broken must now have to reconcile with his fandom piece devalued, himself judged, and most of all, his spirts broken.  Please pour one out for Yukimura.

You can stream Aoharu x Machinegun Episode 4 of on Crunchyroll

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