American Ninja Warrior Season 7 Houston City Finals

by AJ Adejare

3, 2, 1 Lift off at Space City.  We head back to H-Town for the City Finals.  Will the course land them to Vegas, or ship them out home?

2 Completions

0 Disqualifications

1st Finisher: Jeremiah Morgan

Fastest Finisher: Jeremiah Morgan

Three things we learned.

1. Walked out:  The Walking took out the vast majority of the field and being the litmus test for getting into Vegas.  If the earlier obstacles didn’t take people out this one did.  The two ways of doing it focused on taking a leaning in approach rather than a simple bar shift but having to dial back strength to move it.

2. Hanging from a Cliff: If the walking didn’t do it, the Crazy Cliffhanger did.  A lot of people went for the one hand transition, but people tend to not realize that you have to make the body transition, not the hands, to get in.

3. Mind over matter.  This course was tough and took a lot more mental stamina than physical because of the and Crazy Cliffhanger. The Spinning Spikes also proves this thought as many people that failed at said point failed again and thus lost their chance to go to Vegas.

Other notes:

Great to see Brent Steffensen make it to Vegas without a wild card.

Sam Sann did amazing on the course and now looks ready to take on Vegas.

Tremayne Dortch looks like he’s ready but needs to get focus on transitioning.  That’s what cost him with the Jumping Spider and the Crazy Clifhanger.  Same with Daniel Gil.

Karsten Williams is still looking on point, we’ll see how he fairs in Vegas.

Tough luck for Evan Dollard.  Those spikes still got him.  Dissapointing.

Now, we head towards Orlando City for their own City finals.


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