Viewster Announces Key the Metal Idol

by AJ Adejare

Viewster decided to drop a retro goodie at Otakon.  Viewster  announced Key the Metal Idol at their panel.  The anime series, is a 15 part  OVA (original video anime) that varies in length for each episode spanning 1994 to 1997.  The series doesn’t have a launch date, but the company will stream it soon.

Anime News Network has the following description for Key:

Tokiko Mima, called Key, is a robot. Since she was created by her ‘grandfather’, Dr. Mima, she has lived among humans. Now Dr. Mima is dead, and has left behind a cryptic last message: if Key can somehow get 30,000 people to feel for her, she can become fully human. However, Key’s quest may not be so simple – for an ominous plot is being hatched by Dr. Mima’s rival, Jinsaku Ajo.


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