American Ninja Warrior Kansas City Finals Overview

by AJ Adejare

We’re back at the Barbeque capital (in my opinion) Kansas City.  The city was good to the field last time, sending out more than 30 people to the finals.  Will the same luck be in the favor for the rest of the field, or will they get barbecued?

3 Finishers

0 Disqualificaitons

1 Injury (Brandon Berrett)

1st Finisher Brendan Couvreaux

Fastest Finisher Lance Pekus

1. Change up: Modifications proved to be harder to adjust as many people messed up on multiple courses including Noah Tal Kaufman.   We’ve seen in the past when too many people qualify they do random adjustments to make it harder, and once again it came and once again it tripped up people.

2. Bodied: The body prop took out over 8 competitors before Brendan Couvreaux got through.  Craziness.

3. Two states: It seems like there were two states of competitors going through, either mental mess up of physical fatigue.  Both of which can happen at this point, but the rain among other things didn’t help in that area as well.

Other notes:

They said it rained in KC, why didn’t they work to super dry it out.  It looks like at certain parts it was wet and others were more dry.  😦

Noah Koffman failing is really rough. A bit of the technique as well as the wetness of the log.

Michael Stanger may not go the fastest, but he at least got to the Body Prop.

Megan Martin just couldn’t get a good leap on the Big Dipper.  Brutal.

Glad that Ian Dory got to climb (heh) out of the shadows of the Wolfpack.  He deserves it.

With that said, 3 out of 4 members of the Wolfpack isn’t bad at all.

Now we’re going back to Houston to see their competitors compete for a shot at the finals.


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