I Dropped Million Doll

by AJ Adejare

(Via Crunchyroll)

This is based off the first two episodes.

  • It’s interesting to see otaku getting hyped for idols.  I know they’re popular but sometimes anime makes the popularity seep through.
  • Man being an idol is rough though.  It seems like it’s tough competition just to get out of the gates.  A one year burn out time is pretty bad.
  • The CG is bad.  Really bad.  As in noticeably bad now and will only age more during the years bad.  I don’t know what’s up with companies thinking that CG is the way to go.  😦
  • The bigger problem is that the premise, just doesn’t sound as interesting as people think it should.  So far we’re given 1(2?) groups that are vying for attention.  That’s it.  It’s not necessarily all that interesting.  I mean sure seeing them develop and who’s doing the development behind the scenes should be interesting, but they instead make it like bad paperwork.
  • I have no care for the characters at all.  Not one makes me want to feel vested into the series and even consider watching it further.  It’s a shame, but I can’t really see myself remembering anything from this series.
  • The animation and the character designs just do not seem to caputre anything of interest.  It seems as if a lot of characters were off-model and at times, it just felt plan subpar.
  • The biggest problem to that issue: Timing.  8 minutes to develop where they want to go with this series isn’t enough, rather, having 24 minutes to develop could make the series better developed  Then they switched to a 4 minute.  I know they’re probably going to go and switch out between different times but it doesn’t helped.

Looking at all of this issues between the first two episodes, I felt it was best to drop the series and move on.  A series cropping up with these issues will probably not suit my taste and more importantly, make me use my time not spent on watching it on something more constructive.

Millon Doll is streamable on Crunchyroll


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