Chiller will Run an Anime Block Starting Tonight

by AJ Adejare

While Toonami mostly enjoyed running the anime television game, things are about to change.  Chiller, a network dedicated to horror, suspense and thriller content will have their own anime block starting Wednesday.  The following is what they will premier as from their website:

12am: Is This a Zombie? – A boy in high school killed by a serial killer is resurrected as a zombie and fights evil with the help of a necromancer.

12:30am: Tokyo Majin – A group of high schoolers with supernatural powers fights supernatural evil.

1am: Devil May Cry – Based on the popular video game series, a man forced to live as both a monster and a human fights demonic forces.

1:30am: Black Blood Brothers – In the aftermath of a vampire-on-human war, two brothers travel to a peaceful zone that soon erupts into chaos once again.

The problem though it that sans Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, it’s been difficult for most channels to run an anime block.  Syfy recently attempted their block years ago but ended up shutting it down.  We’ll see how Chiller runs their own block.

Via Anime News Network


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