American Ninja Warrior Venice City Finals Overview

by AJ Adejare

We’re back in Venice.  It’s sink or swim and if you don’t make it here, see you next year.  Let’s see who’s going from Venice to Vegas.

1 Completion

1st Completion Nicholas Coolridge

1 Disqualifications (Travis Brewer via touching support structure)

0 Injuries

Three things we learned:

1. Venice the Menace: Venice always seems difficult.  Now even more so.  We had less than XX  make it past the hourglass drop and even fewer go further.  Crazy.

2. Exhaustion point: For a lot of the competitors, they got drained.  Throughout this course there we saw competitors that could make it but fatigue set in an doomed their run.

3. Cool runnings: Coolridge is the only one to complete it and he took the course in proper speed.  The rookie proved why he’s on the course and doing well.

Other notes:

Jesse Graff made it past the Rumbling Dice.  I thought she could complete it and she probably would if she navigated the Clear Climb differently.  However, I’m glad she’s going to Vegas.

Same applies to Grant McCartney.

So happy that David Campbell is going to Vegas again.  It sucks that he failed on the invisible ladder, but then again, he did a lot of good work just to get to that point.

Same applies to Kevin Bull.

Very happy for Nicholas Coolridge.  He worked his tail off and fought through the grueling Venice course.  Props and especially for a rookie!

Venice is now done for the year.  Back to one of the best cities ever in Kansas City, MO.


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