Toonami at San Diego Comic-Con Quick Wrapup

by AJ Adejare

To celebrate San Diego Comic-Con, Toonami decided to have a panel. This panel had Steve Blum, Jason DeMarco, and Gill Austin representing the Toonami crew with Dana Swanson making a video cameo.  DeMarco cosplayed as The Lich King and Austin cosplayed as Gaara.  The panel had the normal preflight talk with top picks for voice actors with Blum talking about his time in voice acting.  They also included viewer polls from Toonami as well as Adult Swim as well as fan questions.  Swanson came on through video checking out the cosplay that came throughout the convention. They also had a game of Bingo called Bang! and did a Q&A for the show.

As for announcements, the Toonami comic will come out in the fall.  They also ran the Parasyte promo, which the announcement came out at Anime Expo.  DeMarco did a shout out to his daughter in the audience and Blum did the sign out for the panel.

You can re-watch the panel on the Adult Swim Website on their Pre-Flight website.


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