Prism Comics Talks Writing Transgender Characters

by AJ Adejare

(Via Bleeding Cool)

Sometimes however, important topics tend to get crowded out because of the bigger items.  One of these times belongs to the Panel that Prism Comics ran about transgender characters.  Prism Comics, a non profit volunteer run comic label put a panel called Writing Transgender Character.  Bleeding Cool attended the panel and learned ale there bout artists helping to make transgender characters and people more visible in comic book works.  While the read from the panel was great, one question stood out:

The question was asked of the panel how to balance writing challenging characters, which are more entertaining, with writing characters that uplift the community, to which Ritchie immediately responded it would help to have more than one trans character in a story. With the common trope of a single, isolated trans character, that single character is forced to çarry the weight’ of the whole community, which is an impossible task.

Often times when we have representation of any minority it’s in a singular context, giving the vibe of tokenism.  Ritchie rightfully calls out for more characters showing different representation.  It helps to emphasize the diversity within transgender person and thus make their stories gripping and relatable.

Catch the entire panel read at Bleeding Cool where you can also read about Prism Comics’ LGBT Geek Year in Review.

Via Bleeding Cool


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