Yes, San Diego Comic-Con is More Important than The Chargers

by AJ Adejare

Woke up in the morning searching for news when I saw a hot take that came from ComicBook‘s article, on San Diego Comic-Con.  Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune wrote an opinion article about the recent poll that the Union-Tribue ran.  The poll asked “Which is more important to San Diego, Comic-Con or the Chargers?” and smart enough, the people chose San Diego Comic-con   He laments over the that fact talking about his time growing up in San Diego and learning to love an NFL team.  He makes dubious statements such as “The Chargers are one of our vital organs. Comic-Con is a little toe.” and even throws shades at the attendees: “They overwhelmingly favored Comic-Con, a 4-day event that attracts William Shatner devotees.”

He then asks the question, “Does Comic-Con and it’s “Big-Bang” crowd really make us proud?”

In two words from tax payers: Hell yes.

  • Comic-Con, brings in money for four days (arguably 5 for pre- and post Comic-con boarding) versus the Chargers 8 (and praying to God for a playoff Spot).
  • Comic-Con uses a facility that will get constant use (convention centers) throughout the year, while Chargers have to make up uses through other means and fall short.
  • Chargers get paid by the city to the tune of $3.3 million(USD) play in their stadium, Comic-Con brings in over $100 million(USD)
  • People actually care about the convention but no body knows the Chargers outside of NFL watchers and arguably the USA.

I’m a Philadelphia Union fan, Kansas City Royals/Chiefs fan, and if it was between those teams and Comic-Con International.  Comic-Con would win, every time.

When one takes less money, time and effort, while bringing in more revenue, OF COURSE NON -POLITICIANS WOULD CARE! IT’S THEIR TAX MONEY!  Doing anything to keep a multimillion dollar entity in a city that brings in revenue is not only important to the community, it’s important to politicians as well.  If I wanted to make a play for money and to quietly nix the Chargers, I would immediately put those two in rivals and say “The city needs to pick one”.  That’s the difference between Comic-Con and Chargers: one brings in more money and riding with that team is common sense.


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