Monster Musume Episode 1 Thoughts

by AJ Adejare

  • I applaud Kimihito for taking one for the team.  Getting struck by Miia who had rage took some ultimate guts.  Punching a person, even more so.  At least he’s loyal to the cause
  • Smith, is hilarious.  I mean she does keep to her promise of taking people out.
  • I like how they dialogue bomb just like any other anime.  I like how the censors get around through pretty much most things.
  • Glad to know that people can still be jerks regardless of any setting.
  • Not going to lie, Miia will be new otaku bait.
  • Twitter, the only service to literally find you faster than GPS
  • That joke within the first three minutes proved to me more about this series than anything else.  I think I MIGHT have this as a guilty pleasure.  This is going to be a fun series.

Here are some gifs:

Monster Musume is on Crunchyroll and licensed by Sentai Filmworks


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