Korra and Avatar’s Konietzko next project, Threadworlds

by AJ Adejare

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

After taking a breather, Korra’s Bryan Konietzko is up to his newest project, Threadworlds.  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he talks about the newest graphic novel which will blend fantasy and science fiction elements together.  wants to help inspire girls to enter into science and see the story of Nova becoming a hero, saying,

This is basically Nova’s long origin story as scientific superhero. I hope she’ll be inspiring to readers of all genders and ages, but especially girls who are interested in studying and pursuing science.

The graphic novel won’t come out until 2017 but it makes sense why: plans to do the entire first volume by himself.  The real hard part will be when he continues into the second volume:

It is likely that on later volumes I’ll be bringing in some other artists to help me draw and color, but for now I’m really enjoying the task of doing it alone while I can.

To read more, check out Entertainment Weekly.

Via Entertainment Weekly


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