Bartkira: The Animated Trailer pays respects to Akira and The Simpsons

by AJ Adejare

Akira is one of the most iconic animated movies of all time.  The Simpsons is one of the most iconic animated television series of all time.  What happens when you mix both together?  You get the following video done by Kate Sullivan and Ryan Humphrey and a crew of animators.  Dubbed Bartkira: The Animated Trailer, the team of animators took their own style of animation and mixed them with homage to Akira using Simpsons characters.  This isn’t the first time a cool fan project has shown up with the Sailor Moon project below done by other collaborators headed by Sullivan.

The premise of the video is the following:

In the days of old, deep in the dredges of the “Do the Bartman” VHS, there was a trailer.

In partnership with Chicken Tonight, Butterfinger, and CC Lemon, the early 90s execs of Fox and Toho made an animated short. An attempt to appeal to American consumers without having to spend a lot of money. Until a changing of the guard decided the kids needed more Poochie and it was lost…until today.

This style of animation isn’t the first time for Humphery as he also did the Sailor Moon project, which did the exact same thing as well (which you can also see below).

Honestly, it’s worth the check out and I would definitely give it a spin as it’s well done and does a great homage to both icons.

Update:  Kate Sullivan reached out to me on Twitter to help correct the mishap assuming that Humphrey. did the Sailor Moon project.  We regret this error.

Via Cartoon Brew


2 thoughts on “Bartkira: The Animated Trailer pays respects to Akira and The Simpsons

  1. Ryan Humphrey didn’t produce these, check the credits for Kaitlin Sullivan. Ryan created the Bartkira webcomic, but Kate produced this and Moon Animate Makeup.

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