America Ninja Warrior Season 7 Military Qualifier Overivew

by AJ Adejare

So we thought that the Military episode would be a one off.  Well think again!  It’s a qualifier and this time were at San Pedro California, on a BOAT!  Okay, so it isn’t a boat, its a battleship the USS Iowa.  No big deal.  As NBC honors the troops with their own qualifier, the course honors them the best way possible: taking people out.

10 Completions

1st Completion Dustin McKinney

Fastest Completion Robin Pietschmann

0 Injuries

0 Disqualifications

3 Things we learned

1. Military prep =/= Ninja prep.  This course is hard period.  Just because you are a service member does not prepare you for the course at all.

2. Almosts.  A lot of people almost could get through the monkey peg and the I-Beam Cross but almost isn’t good enough.

3. Veterans games on point.  It was great seeing some of the more veteran Ninjas who are also service men, get a chance to shine and complete the qualifiers.


People not making it.


Everyone’s story.

Other notes:

I don’t get why they just didn’t create a special edition for the Military like they did for US versus the World. But, you know, go Military.


PJ Walsh voicing Matt Iseman was just creepy man.

Now that we’re seeing 3rd stage like material show up, will this mean that all of the stages are getting a revamp?

With that said, we’re now on to the City finals and heading back to Venice Beach!

Note: Because of certain outside factors, we will be updating this post with more information later


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