Actually, I Am Episode 1 Thoughts

by AJ Adejare

  • Asahi’s friends are all good friends.  At least they pushed him to do what he needed to do for months.  With that said, they’re stereotypical in nature.
  • They reused the same clips from the first episode in the first episode. This reuse makes me worried for the rest of the season.
  • The premise is well, there but it’s going to be interesting to see how they expand it.  To be blunt, a character that can expose everything through his face
  • One thing I did thing was interesting was the dialect transitioning and the reasons stated for Shiragami.  It’s pretty neat.
  • Mikan’s quote is scary, and not just because of her face.

Here’s a couple of gifs:

Actually, I am is available on Crunchyroll


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