Working!!/Wagnaria!! Season 3 Episode 1 Thoughts.

by AJ Adejare

  • I really liked the intro.  Having the first person view and then eventually revealing Popura worked out really well
  • The pacing was really good for this episode.  Slow and steady at different areas and then major snap backs when the comedy came hitting hard.
  • Sōta having the girl piggy back ride for the first part of the episode was really cute.  The same with Popura having her head rubbed by him, until it went crazy with the suggestion of her being 6 feet.
  • I don’t know what’s more crazy, the fact that Aoi’s trying to start a family, the fact that she abducted a married housewife for her plan, or the fact that said woman can literally ghost out of a sealed room
  • Aoi stop DROPPING SHIT!  (To be dictated out loud with laughter, not read).
  • Good to know Otoo is loyal to his wife.
  • The comedy is really strong coming off of Season 3.  Having not knowing or watching anything related to Wagnaria!! it was fun to watch.

Here are some gifs

Working!! Wagnaria Season 3 is on Crucnhyroll and is licensed by Aniplex of America (with the first two seasons licensed by NIS America) which will distribute it towards other channels soon.


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