Viz Media Drops One-Punch Man, Death Note and More at Anime Expo

by AJ Adejare

Viz Media hears you anime fandom, you want some great stuff coming down the pipeline.  Now Viz wants to deliver.  The anime company came out with a good deal of anime announcements.  First off, K.  The anime series K will have its movie K The Missing Kings as well as 2nd Season done by Viz Media.  Next, Death Note will get a Blu-Ray remaster.  The popular Shonen Jump series that features the battle between Light and L will have enhanced visuals for the series.  The Dragon Ball manga will get more full color prints by Viz as well.

Viz also announced Legend of Galactic Heroes novel.  Done by their imprint Haikasoru, they will have the first novel out in 2016.  For Naruto fans, Boruto  Naruto the Movie will be at New York Comic-Con alongside the author Masashi Kishimoto.  If you want to meet Kishimoto, Viz is running a contest called Hokage for a Day.

Finally, the popular One Punch Man will finally get an anime, with Viz Media being the North American distributor.  Viz released the trailer below and you want to learn more about the series including where to get the manga you can check out their website:


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