Total Victory at Sasuke 31

by AJ Adejare

(Via Rambling Rican)

Sauske, the original format of Ninja Warrior and American Ninja warrior just wrapped up its 31st competition in Japan. This competition had something special for all those watching: someone just conquered Mt. Midoriyama (realistically it’s just called Midoriyama).  Yuusuke Morimoto becomes only the fourth competitor in the 31 tournaments to go to total victory.

The field started with 100 competitors and shrank to 17 in second stage, 8 in third stage and 1 in fourth stage before total victory.   While this competition went well for the series, there were hinting of Sauske not returning.  Rumors collated by Lost in Ube, said the following about the possibility of a future tournament:

Well, we have no idea what the future holds for the show. According to sources, the show needs to break a 10 percent rating to stay on the air. If there is no future show, there is probably no one better to achieve a Kanzenseiha to close out the show than the boy who grew into a man watching, training for, being on and then conquering it.

However Inui Masato’s post on Twitter put that doubt mostly to rest with the following Tweet:

Translated from Bing:

Whats up SASUKE2015 good ratings. It is thanks to everyone. In this next year you again. Thank you sincerely. Thank you very much.

It seems like we may get that 32nd tournament after all.

To read a live blogging of the event, you can check out Lost in Ube’s post or you can check out Rambling Rican where Arsenette (the founder and writer) went there to see Sauske 31 and also talked about the previewer for Sauske 31 Sauske Navi.  She will update on the events as it goes on.    Meanwhile you can read the roundups of American Ninja Warrior’s Pittsburgh city qualifiers here.

Finally, Drew Dreschel, one of the contestants for both Sasuke and American Ninja Warrior has a set of Twitch Videos showing the airing.

Video 1 2 3 4 5


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