The Academy of Arts and Science Invited Mostly White Males into the Academy

by AJ Adejare

Diversity, an ever recurrent topic, tends to spring up whenever people are coming into different entities.  The Academy of Arts and Science, known for the Oscars, is no exception as Cartoon Brew found out that 95% of invitees to the academy are male.  Of particularly the animation category, only three women account for the nominations into the academy.  On the racial aspects its improving but still grim.   Amidi counted 3 Asian Americans and one African American of decent for the animation category.  Of course more aspects of diversity would be nice but Amidi has done great work to produce the knowledge and even came up with a list of the Academy voters.  Even when looking at the nominees for animation their workplace isn’t diverse as over half belong to Disney and Pixar (11 by my count).

Maybe the lack of diversity shows how come a major part of the Oscars belongs to Disney and why you cannot take the Oscars seriously.

Via Cartoon Brew


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