Richie Branson Talks Same Sex Marriage Ruling and Christianity

by AJ Adejare

Nerdcore artist and game developer, Richie Branson recently decided to take to Facebook to express his feelings about the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)’s decision about same sex marriage.  In it he discusses how the rulings should not affect Christians in general as it does not concern the church but rather the law itself.  He also laments about the way that certain Christians act towards the ruling and even talks about his short upcoming as a Christian.  Then, he drops the mic:

In closing, it is quite ironic that the most sin I’ve seen on social media isn’t coming from all the rainbow colored profile pictures, but rather from self-proclaimed Christians shouting “F*ck this fag b.s.” with a disturbing lack of one of the very cornerstones of the Christian faith: Grace.

You can read the full statement on his Facebook post below.  Branson will preform at Otakon as part of the Matsuri and has already released a game called Shafted as well as the Mortal Kombat X rap and the Otaku Gang Beta website.

Via Richie Branson’s Facebook


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