Jack Ü’s Where Are Ü Now has A Pikachu Cameo

by AJ Adejare

Jack Ü is one of the most interesting collaborations in music in a long time.  Headed by Srillex and Diplo, the two who come from different aspects of the electronic music area (Srillex with Dubstep and Diplo with Moombathon/Trap/Electron) to create some really great music, like Where Are Ü.  Having a feature with Justin Bieber , I felt a bit skeptical .  With that said, they just released an interesting music video where Justin Beiber dances through a myriad of drawings animated on himself as well as the canvas while others observe him and the pantings in a create your own work gallary of some sorts.  While it’s amazing what it took to animate the scene, one thing stands out in particular:

Didn’t catch it, here you go in picture form:

This Pikachu drawing made by Twitter User masoneways made it to the video and even some other Twitter users noticed it.

You can watch the entire video before and tell me what you think.

Update: Also a Brian (Family Guy) cameo:


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