American Ninja Warrior Season 7 Pittsburgh Qualifier Overview

by AJ Adejare

This year for Ninja Warrior, they added a 5th City to the mix.  So they travel to the wor…I mean best city on the West Coast of Pennsylvania that’s not anyone else Pittsburgh.  While people may know the city for its sports team, the city is known for its steel, thus Steel City.  Like city, like course as this particular qualifier proved to be tough.

22 Competitions

1st Finisher: P.J. Granger

Fastest Finisher: Elet Hall

1 Disqualification (Chris Wilczewski on Snake Crossing…well kind of)

0 Injuries

Balance: One thing that always came up in Kunochi (Women of Ninja Warrior) was balance.  While many people tended to shrug it off in Kunochi (which you shouldn’t) Snake Crossing proved you can’t.  Amazingly, it took out a slew of competitors from veterans to newcomers.  While it is skill based it also is a sense of logic of how you feel you can dismount.

Senioritis: Just because you’re a veteran doesn’t mean you should take things less seriously and that’s what a whole bunch of veterans learned from Chris to.  Brian, his younger brother that completely messed up last year, learned from it as well as Mike Bernardo so these veterans will do too.

Steel Grips:  It seems that these particular obstacles you needed some steel handed grips in order to clear whether it’s gripping for the Snake Crossing or the Devil Steps.  Most competitors did have some of it at various aspects but overall it was draining to a lot of them and they could simply not hold on.


Chris Wilczewski DQ’ed at the Snake Crossing (but he also fell off so I don’t think that’s a DQ).

Veterans in general failing at the Snake Crossing

Michelle Warnky hitting her foot in the water at the devil steps (she still made it but man is that crushing).

Heart warmers

Amber Holbrook (#CailynCan ) made it to the Wind Chimes (Daughter has Autism)

Ryan Ripley (#CFWarrior) competed (has Cystic Fibrosis)

Zamira Doar competing for her father’s sake (Father has Alzheimer’s disease)

P.J. Granger coming from nothing to completing the course amazingly.

Other notes:

Jamie Rahn and Joe Moravsky were both on form.  They both were measured, deliberate, and most importantly efficient.

Welcome back Mike Bernardo, it’s been a long time coming but I’m glad you’re here.

Having a run in progress actually did wonders for the runners, I wish there were more of them.

The picked the wrong Pennsylvania city.  Should have been Philly.

Ninja Warrior and NBC decided that rather than go to the finals, we’ll take a detour and watch veterans of the military compete in the new Military special!  GO ARMY BEAT NAVY!


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