Studio 4C and Ankama work on Mutafukaz

by AJ Adejare

(Via Titan Comics)

Thundercats and Berserk: Golden Age Arc movie’s Studio 4C will collaborate with Wakfu’s Ankama on a new film adaptation, Guillaume “Run” Renard’s Mutafukaz.  The movie directed by Run and Shoujirou Nishimi will come out in 2017 and have Shinji Kimura of Steamboy and the Blue Exorcist movie as the art director.  The comic series recently hit over 100,000 copies according to Titan Comics and will conclude this fall.  Titan Comics describes the series as the following:

It is the story of Angelino, one of the thousand deadbeats living in Dark Meat City. However, after an unremarkable scooter accident, caused by a beautiful, mysterious stranger, Angelino’s life is about to be transformed… into a walking nightmare! He starts witnessing monstrous entities prowling all over the city… Is Angelino losing his mind, or is this the work of an otherworldly invasion from… the stars?

Looking at the video, it certainly look interesting to say the least.  Give it a watch.

Via Cartoon Brew


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